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Cleaning and binding of heavy metals and pesticidesClean our Nature

Intensive agricultural use and industrial pollution with heavy metals and pesticides have left their mark in large parts of the world. International scientific research has shown that humic acids, and to a certain extent fulvic acids, can bind all types of heavy metals and render a wide range of pesticides harmless. 5

Another important aspect is the binding of radioactive dust with humic acid. In Russia, extensive research exists on this topic, which can be used for various projects worldwide. The available scientific literature clearly shows the decontamination function of humic acid in radionuclides. This concerns humans, animals, soils and water. 6

5 See attachment – List of selected scientific reports
6 Prof. Perminova et. al., Organic Chemistry Division, Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, See attachment.

Elimination of pesticides

Decades of misuse of pesticides have led to worldwide latent poisoning of agricultural products and farmers. So far, however, concepts for a cost-effective and sustainable cleaning of contaminated soils have been lacking. So far, set-aside is still the only means, with enormous losses due to crop failure. See the example of China, where bans on land use alone cost more than USD 3 billion per year.

Green‘ initiatives such as those in Switzerland, where the call for a complete ban on pesticides is being fiercely debated, will increase. Even if this initiative cannot be implemented at the moment, it shows a tendency. Only healthy soils can produce healthy food. Currently this discussion is also taking place in South Tyrol, where the ‚world‘s best apples‘ grow on pesticide-polluted soils.

The pesticide discussion, accelerated by the current Glyphosate discussion, will also remain a permanent topic in view of health costs. Here the use of HUMIVERSE® could bring an important solution, since the Humic and Fulvic Acids remove glyphosate and other pesticides from the body.7

7 Research Report University of Leipzig, Prof. Monika Krueger, pub. 2015, Nr. 153 Special Report, OM & Ernaehrung

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