To feed the world’s population, it is increasingly necessary to develop arable land in arid regions. But the arable land used to date has also suffered a drastic loss of vital substances and has become increasingly salty due to the use of chemical fertilizers.  The loss of humus, the essential component for plant life, is dramatic. Humic acids and fulvic acids are indispensable components of organic substances and fertilizers for the formation of humus and thus the vitalization of soil.

So far, humic acids have been extracted from Leonardite brown coal or hard coal.

Most users were not told that the proportion of pure humic acids in Leonardite and also in hard coal is low and also highly contaminated with heavy metals. Fulvinic acids are also often referred to as humic acids, which is clearly wrong. The chemical structure of fulvic acids is completely different from humic acids and also their function in soil and plant growth. A healthy and ecologically sustainable agriculture is not possible with humic acids from Leonardite or hard coal.

*With individual approval of the Federal Office for Food Safety (AGES) according to paragraph 9a DMG 1994 v. 29.05.2020 HUMIVERSE® is approved as soil additive in the European Union.

HUMIVERSE® is a 100% purely organic humic acid that is produced from renewable plant-based raw materials in a hydrothermal carbonisation process. The process is unique and proprietary. The toxic heavy metals are below the detection limit.

HUMIVERSE®Plus is a further development for use as a soil additive and biostimulant in organic and traditional agriculture. In combination with organic fertilisers or other organic materials, HUMIVERSE®Plus can cultivate humus-poor soils and stimulate plant growth in terms of yield and quality. Humic acid, which intensively supports the formation of humus, is the most important basis for soil vitalisation, especially in arid soils. By isolating organic and inorganic pesticides, hydrocarbon compounds and chelating heavy metals, it helps to detoxify natural resources. Humic acids have often been found to have a conditioning effect, stimulating the endogenous defence systems of plants and animals.

HUMIVERSE® – The Future of Farming

The unique Advantages of HUMIVERSE®Plus

▪ Promotion of soil life
▪ Improving the soil structure and increasing humus formation
▪ Increasing the availability of macro and micronutrients
▪ Increasing the cation exchange capacity
▪ Increasing the water retention capacity
▪ pH value equalisation on (highly) acidic and alkaline soils
▪ Improvement of soils contaminated with salts and pollutants
▪ Enzymatic effect on the formation of important plant hormones
▪ Protects the plant from UV radiation and increases chlorophyll formation

Further benefits of HUMIVERSE®Plus on the soil
– Improves nutrient uptake (activity / root extracts)
– Dissolution of salts and renewed bioavailability
– Increased resistance to abiotic stress, e.g. drought, heat, UV radiation, frost, saline soils (due to over-fertilisation with NPK fertilisers), nutrient deficiency and pH value
– Promotion of root growth (rhizosphere, gravitropism)
– General growth stimulation (seed germination, flowering and fruit development)
– Increasing disease resistance (e.g. fungal diseases, low hyperglycaemia in the plant)
– Improvement and safeguarding of the qualitative and quantitative properties of the harvested products

“HUMIVERSE®Plus is an organic biostimulant of the highest purity. Compared to other humic acid-based products, HUMIVERSE®Plus represents a new world standard, both ecologically and economically. Following scientifically supported tests, successful use in practice and product certification for the EU, there is now nothing to prevent HUMIVERSE®Plus from being used in both organic and conventional agriculture. HUMIVERSE®Plus means: more quality and more yield in a sustainable and natural way.”
CEO Terra Optima AG, Heiko Petermann

Naturally more yield – HUMIVERSE®Plus Broschure

Humic substances and practical application of HUMIVERSE®Plus

Cultivation trials with HUMIVERSE®Plus





As a biostimulant, HUMIVERSE®Plus not only promotes plant growth, but also saves around 30% of the water that is available to the plants during stress phases such as longer periods of drought. In collaboration with ISRA (Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research) and regional cooperatives, HUMIVERSE®Plus is being tested for approval as a certified biostimulant for Senegal, West Africa and South Africa.



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