It has been scientifically proven that waters with a high content of humic acid and fulvic acid have an extraordinarily rich biological diversity. When humic acid and fulvic acid was added to the water of fish farms, an increased vitality of the fish and an approximately 20% reduced feed intake with continuous weight gain were observed.

HUMIVERSE® – The Future of Farming

In the first Chinese system supplier and fish research institute (R&D) in Haicang/ Xiamen, Fujian Province, experiments on the use of the humic acid HUMIVERSE® in the breeding of tropical giant groupers are currently underway in cooperation with the “Zhang Zhiwen Academy of Agricultural Science Nanjing”.

In further R&D series at RecircInvest Co. Ltd., oysters contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides* from the delta area of the Yangtze River, which flows into the East China Sea near Shanghai, are purified in humic acid-containing water. These R&D and continuous trials are conducted under the direction of the internationally recognized aquaculture specialist for recirculating rearing technologies, Mr. Werner Gaus, in cooperation with Chinese state laboratories and continuous testing by the internationally recognized SGS. An extension of the experiments with shrimps, sea cucumbers and other invertebrates is planned.

*The oyster beds have been specifically placed in neuralgic places to purify the water, which is generally heavily polluted with nitrates and heavy metals. The oysters act as bio-filters and the nitrate from the agricultural fertilizers serves as food. They thus reduce the nitrate pollution of the water in the shelf area of the coast. At the same time, the oysters also reduce the heavy metal and pesticide load of the water by accumulating these substances. Oysters are considered inedible due to the pollution. Their subsequent disposal has not yet been clarified. The experiments in Haicang/Xiamen are intended to clarify whether the use of humic acid HUMIVERSE® can isolate and flush out the pollutants in the contaminated oysters.

Project study of the Zhang Zhiwen Academy of Agricultural Science

The project of an ecological theme park was presented to and approved by the Chinese government in January 2019. As early as December 2019, 10 fish farms in Verbund are to start operations. The systems will be supplied by ReCircinvest Ltd. Xiamen under the direction of Werner Gaus.

The combination of fish farming and oyster farming is planned in the project. The oysters removed from the coast in the offshore area will be cleaned of heavy metals and pesticides in the humic acid-containing water and will be sold on the local market as eco-certified food.

With 3.2 million tons, China is the largest oyster producer in the world, but at the same time it has difficulties with sometimes severe environmental pollution in coastal areas.


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